David Lambert, M.A.

Doctoral Candidate

Abteilung Philosophie
Universität Bielefeld
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld

Room X-A4-103

Phone: +49 (0) 521 / 106 – 4602
E-Mail: david.lambert@uni-bielefeld.de

Research Project



Since 10/2021
Doctoral Candidate at the DFG Research Training Group 2073 Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research, Bielefeld University

Master of Arts in History, Economics and Philosophy of Science / Interdisciplinary Studies of Science, University of Bielefeld. Master thesis title: “What philosophy (of science) can say about its objectivity”.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and History, Department of Philosophy and History, University of Münster. Bachelor thesis title: “Expertise as a touch-stone: Which epistemological preliminaries are necessary to make sense of an objective notion of experts”.


Keßels, Isabelle; Lambert, David & Quast, Christian (2018): The place of justification in the fabric of testimonial knowledge. In Müller-Salo, Johannes (ed.), Robert Audi: Critical Engagements (Münster Lectures in Philosophy). Cham: Springer. 71–97.

Organised Workshops and Conferences

“Medizinethik und Rassismus in Deutschland – eine Leerstelle” (online workshop), co-organised with S. Agbih, N. Akbulut, S. Jukola, O. Kliche and J. Wenner, Annual Meeting of the AEM (Akademie für Ethik in der Medizin), Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 22-25 September 2021.

“Niche Construction and Other Mechanisms in Ecology and Evolution” (online workshop), co-organised with M. Kaiser, U. Krohs, B. Nematipour and R. Trappes, Bielefeld University, 2-3 July 2020.

Service to the Profession and Other Activities

since February 2021
Reading group organiser “Race and Racism in Medicine and Healthcare”