Simon Hollnaicher, M.A.

Doctoral Candidate

Abteilung Philosophie
Universität Bielefeld
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld

Building X, Room A4-238

Phone: +49 521 106-4586

Research Project

The Ethics of Integrated Assessment Modelling


Since 10/2020
Doctoral Candidate at the DFG Research Training Group 2073 Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research, Bielefeld University

2017 – 2020
M.A. Philosophy, Humboldt-University of Berlin

Visiting Student at New York University

2013 – 2017
B.A. Philosophy, University of Stuttgart

2008 – 2012
B.Sc. Business Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

2010 – 2011 Visiting Student at Linkoping University, Sweden


Hollnaicher, S. (2022). On Economic Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Removal: Values, Bias, and Norms for Good Policy-Advising Modeling. Global Sustainability, 1-33.
(Here discussed on the Podcast “Reviewer 2 does geoengineering”.)

Hollnaicher, S. (2020): Eine Kantische Begründung individueller Klimapflichten. Grazer Philosophische Studien 97 (4), 679–692. DOI: 10.1163/18756735-00000117. [PDF, 369 KB]

McKenna, R.; Hollnaicher, S. & Ostman v. d. Leye, P. (2015): Cost-potentials for large onshore wind turbines in Europe. Energy 83, 217–29.

McKenna, R.; Hollnaicher, S. & Fichtner, W. (2014): Cost-potential curves for onshore wind energy: A high-resolution analysis for Germany. Applied Energy 115, 103–15.


November 29, 2022. Fifteenth IAMC Annual Meeting 2022. Washington DC. Poster Presentation “Dealing with normative uncertainty” [PDF].

March 31, 2022. “Workshop: Economics facing the climate crisis: re-examining value
diversity, wellbeing, growth, and uncertainty”, MCC Berlin/Formas/Lund University, at MCC Berlin, Germany. Presentation: “What does good policy-advising integrated modeling look like?”

Organised Workshops and Conferences

“Thick Concepts in the Philosophy of Science“. Workshop organized by Birgit Benzing, Robert Frühstückl, and Simon Hollnaicher, Leibniz University Hannover, 03.-04.12.2021


  • Seminar (WiSe 2021/22): “Klimaethik” (Climate Ethics) (Bielefeld University)