Four new doctoral candidates at GRK 2073

We are happy to announce that four new doctoral candidates are joining us in October 2020: Ina Gawel (Hannover), Luis Lopez (Hannover), Robert Frühstückl (Bielefeld), and Simon Hollnaicher (Bielefeld). Welcome to the GRK!


GRK members take next steps in their careers

Five of our accomplished members are leaving the GRK 2073 to move on to exciting new career paths in September and early October. We wish Dr. Saana Jukola, Dr. Anna Leuschner, Dr. des. Daria Jadreškić, Dr. des. Julia Pfeiff, and Dr. des. Enno Fischer all the best for their new positions!


Blog post by Fabio Tollon featured on DailyNous

Fabio Tollon‘s blog post “YouTube: Designed to Seduce” was recently featured on DailyNous as a new link of interest to those interested in philosophy. Fabio’s article was originally published in the Monday Magazine of 3 Quarks Daily and on the blog of Ethical Intelligence.

Online Research Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (15 – 16 September 2020)

Professor Mantzavinos, who is visiting the Research Training Group 2073 as a Mercator Fellow, is offering a research seminar in Philosophy of Economics. Its focus will be on recent developments in the field and the aim is to have a discussion of topics such as institutions, heuristics, and evidence-based policy. Click to download the programme.
Please register via e-mail to Leonie Wiemeyer ( by 8 September 2020 23:59 CEST. The login information for the video conferencing service Zoom will be sent to participants after registration.

New postdoc at Bielefeld

We are excited that Dr. Morgan Thompson has joined us as a postdoc at Bielefeld University. Welcome, Morgan, we look forward to working with you!

Successful dissertation defence

The GRK is happy to announce the successful dissertation defence by Enno Fischer. Well done, Enno, congratulations!


Successful dissertation defence

Julia Pfeiff has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. Congratulations, Julia, great job!

New publication

We would like to draw your attention to a forthcoming publication by GRK 2073 doctoral researcher Enno Fischer:

Fischer, E. (forthcoming). Causation and the Problem of Disagreement. Philosophy of Science.
This paper presents a new argument for incorporating a distinction between default and deviant values into the formalism of causal models. The argument is based on considerations about how causal reasoners should represent disagreement over causes and it is defended against an objection that has been raised against earlier arguments for defaults.


New affiliated member

Jannik Zeiser of Hannover University has joined us as our new affiliated doctoral candidate. Welcome, Jannik!

Two successful dissertation defences in one week

Daria Jadreškić and David Hopf have successfully defended their doctoral dissertations. Congratulations, Daria and David, and well done!

New doctoral researcher at Hannover

We are very happy to welcome our new doctoral candidate at Hannover, Hannah Hilligardt. It’s great you are joining us!

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