Venue & Practical Information

Progress in Science & Society: Workshop with P. Kitcher

June 14, 2017
Leibniz Universität Hannover (Biomolekulares Wirkstoffzentrum, BMWZ)

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Biomolekulares Wirkstoffzentrum (BMWZ)
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Seminar room 001 (ground floor)

Public transport
From Hannover main station, take line 1, 2, 3, 7 or 9 (downstairs in the main station building) to station Kröpke. Alternatively, you can walk 300 meters to station Kröpke. From Kröpke, take lines 4 or 5 to station Schneiderberg/Wilhelm-Busch-Museum. Get off the tram, cross the street and walk into street Schneiderberg. After 400 meters you will find the BMWZ building on your left.

From Hannover airport, take S-Bahn line S5 to station Bahnhof Nordstadt. Then take tram line 6 to station An der Strangriede. Get off, walk into street An der Strangriede, after 250 meters turn left. Walk along street Schneiderberg for 350 meter. You find the BMWZ building on your right.

Consult the webpage of the public transport company for further inquiries. A public transport map can be found here. Information about ticket prices can be found here.

Accomodation & food
The following hotels are within walking distance from the venu: Hotel Schlafgut, Hotel Savoy and Hotel Charlton. Further hotels can be found in the city center.

The university canteen is located next to the venue. It offers basic food for low prices. Alternatively, try Gaststätte Kaisers (Schaufelder Straße 27), Restaurant Zwischenzeit (Schaufelder Str. 11) or a nearby Pizza & Pasta place (Schaufelder Str. 5). Further restaurants  can be found in street Engelbosteler Damm about 700 meters from the venue. A nice café that also offers snacks is Café Kopi (). Another nice closeby café is Café 42 ().