Doctoral Projects | Postdoctoral Projects | Completed Projects

Doctoral Projects

Markus Ahlers
Artificial Intelligence and the Constitution of Social Systems

Birgit Benzing

Rui F. de S. Só Maia
Narratives and Model-Based Reasoning in Economics

Markus Dressel
Values in Scientific Policy Advice

Philipp Eichenberger
The tacit assumptions of scientific practices and experimental setups in positive psychology

Enno Fischer
Reasoning with Interventionist Causal Models

Minea Gartzlaff
Strategies to combine practical usefulness and epistemic merit of research in the life sciences

Lisa Heller
Was, wenn nicht Wahrheit? Probleme und Potentiale des Relativismus

Anna Elisabeth Höhl
Scientific Understanding – Its Nature, Values and Meaning

David Hopf
Imbalance and the State of Research. Emergent Challenges to the Independence of Science

Daria Jadreškić
Epistemological and Ethical Aspects of Time in Scientific Research

Jonas Lipski
Theory Choice in Economics and its Roots in Assumption about individual Behavior

Dijana Magđinski Tolić
Philosophy of Science at the Intersection of the Priority Rule, Replicability and Scientific Novelty

Basel Myhub
Identifying Strategies for Practically Useful and Epistemically Sound Research in Chemistry

Julia Pfeiff
The construction and application of explanatory models of mental disorders in clinical psychology

Anja Pichl
Exploring Limits of Biological Knowledge at the Example of Stem Cell Research

Leon-Philip Schäfer
Scientific and Moral Realism

Tobias Schönwitz
Organise!? An Institutional Approach to Values in Science on the Example of Biodiversity Research

David Stöllger

Fabio Tollon

Henrik Roeland Visser
A Philosophical Analysis of Expert Judgments in Economics

Martin Wasmer
Ontology of Genome Editing in Agriculture for Legal Purposes and Ethics

Postdoctoral Projects

Dr. Stefano Canali
Evidence in Data-Centric Health Sciences

Enno Fischer
Causation in Experimental Physics

Dr. Saana Jukola
Amalgamating Scientific Evidence and Non-epistemic Values – The Case of Nutrition Guidelines

Dr. Anna Leuschner
Science, Objectivity, and Power: A Critique of Social Pluralism

Completed Projects

Stefano Canali
The Role of Data in Contemporary Biomedicine: A Data-Centric Study of the Exposome (completed doctoral project)