Evidence in Data-Centric Health Sciences

Dr. Stefano Canali (postdoctoral project)

In recent years, philosophers of science have started to focus on the nature of scientific evidence and data, the practices and activities involved in their production, management and dissemination and the ways in which the terms ‘data’ and ‘evidence’ are discussed in the scientific literature and public discourses. Whilst significant philosophical work has been developed on both the concept of data and the concept of evidence, especially in the life and health sciences, most work has focused on either data or evidence, yielding two often separate lines of discussion.
In developing my new research project, I intend to explore connections and establish a bridge between these areas of research: What counts as evidence? How does data get to be used as evidence? In which ways assumptions, commitments and choices in data practices affect evidence? Focusing on these questions, I intend to develop an account of evidence that identifies connections between data, evidence and empirical knowledge.