Was, wenn nicht Wahrheit? Probleme und Potentiale des Relativismus

Lisa Heller (doctoral project, discontinued)

Relativism is challenging. Relativism questions the validity of theoretical positing as well as cultural and political orders. These are interpreted as a product of a contingent, non-essential approach and thus, their lack of an alternative is under scrutiny. As a consequence, do theoretical arbitrariness and political anarchy follow and are therefore the scientific investigation of relativism obsolete? Not necessarily. Relativism reveals: There were and are different organizational forms of life and theory. A relativistic perspective can accept and, more over, promote this richness. Relativism is therefore a potentially productive and promising position, in order to find sustainable theoretical and practical alternatives. My thesis will deal with achieving a systematic reconstruction and a scientific rehabilitation of relativism in its epistemic and political-cultural dimension and discuss the problems and potentials of this concept.