Qualification Program

The qualification and supervision concept of the research training group is based on professional education via colloquia, theory workshops, peer groups and tutorials. It comprises international elements such as temporary stays abroad or the organization of conferences as well as specific measures that help enhance the participants’ scholarly skills.

The involvement of scientists in residence broadens the horizons of the GRK and enlarges the conceptual and methodological repertoire of its members. Further measures aim at raising equality of opportunities as well as preparing for a professional career outside academia.


  • Theory workshops
  • Research colloquia and peer groups
  • Qualification courses in good scientific practice as well as transferable skills
  • International experience
  • Optional participation in further colloquia and seminars of the respective institute
  • Optional participation in publishing and presentation courses


  • Supervision agreement with two principal investigators (preferably one from each university)
  • Tutorials: counseling and mentoring by other principal investigators and postdocs
  • Encouragement of individual interests and independency as a researcher
  • Equal Opportunities Policy