DFG Research Training Group 2073, September 2021

The members of GRK 2073 carry out innovative research at the interface of philosophy of science and ethics of science at Leibniz University Hannover and Bielefeld University, Germany.

Principal Investigators
Mercator Fellow
Doctoral Researchers
Alumni and former members

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Co-Chairperson
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alkistis Elliott-Graves (Bielefeld)
Prof. Dr. Uljana Feest (Hannover)
Prof. Dr. Mathias Frisch (Hannover)
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hübner (Hannover)
Prof. Dr. Marie I. Kaiser (Bielefeld)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Reydon (Hannover)
Prof. Dr. Ralf Stoecker (Bielefeld)
Prof. Dr. Torsten Wilholt (Hannover), Chairperson

Mercator Fellow

Prof. Dr. C. Mantzavinos (University of Athens)

Doctoral Researchers

Bielefeld University

Rui Francisco de Souza Só Maia, M.A., affiliated
Dr. Robert Frühstückl, M.A.
Minea Gartzlaff, M.A., affiliated
Anna Elisabeth Höhl, M.A.
Simon Hollnaicher, M.A.
David Lambert, M.A.
Dijana Magđinski Tolić, M.A., affiliated
Hanna Metzen, M.A.
Basel Myhub, M.A., affiliated
David Stöllger, M.A.
Fabio Tollon, M.A.

Leibniz University Hanover

Matthias Ackermann, M.A.
Markus Ahlers, M.A., affiliated
George Kwasi Barimah, M.Phil.
Birgit Benzing, Dipl.-Biol., M.A.
Markus Dressel, M.A., affiliated
Philipp Eichenberger, M.A.
Ina Gawel, M.A.
Hannah Hilligardt, M.A.
Jonas Lipski, M.A.
Dr. Luis Lopez
Ilvie Otto, M.A.
Tobias Schönwitz, M.Sc., M.Phil.
Phil Torres, M.Sc.
Martina Valković, M.A., affiliated
Martin Wasmer, M.Sc., M.A., affiliated
Jannik Zeiser, M.Sc., affiliated


Dr. Morgan K. Thompson (Bielefeld)
Dr. Corey Dethier (Hannover)
Dr. Tanja Rechnitzer (Hannover, affiliated)
Dr. des. Leon-Philip Schäfer (Hannover, affiliated)


Leonie Wiemeyer

Alumni and Former Members

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